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"I was so tired of seeing my retirement account go up and down with this volatile market.  I was worried that another down turn may force me to postpone my retirement or even cancel it all together.  Guaranteeing a 4+% return over the next 10 years was something I couldn't ignore or walk away from." - P.R. Age: 64
"My money was just sitting at the bank and not earning any interest.  I felt like I had to pay the bank to keep my money there.  I love that I can get a 10% bonus on my money and the have the option to track the markets and gain if the markets go up, but will be fully protected and won't lose a dime if the markets go down."  - B.F.  Age: 55
"I am so glad that I could take the money out of my pension, where it was not guaranteed, and put into an Income Rider where it will grow over the next 7-10 years at 8% and then guarantee me an income for the rest of my life." -  N.D.Y.  Age: 60

"Every year I would get so confused on what I was supposed to do or not do when it came to my Medicare Options.  Thank you for showing me, in everyday language, how simple my annual choices could be!"- M.Y.  Age: 72

"I really appreciate you showing me there are great options available with my Medicare Supplements and Drug Plans.  I didn't really like the options I was getting in the mail and you were able to show me some great alternatives." - C.E.  Age: 65


The unsolicited testimonials we receive from our clients highlight the level of attention and integrity we offer every client. Our commitment to providing you with high quality service and excellent returns on your retirement funds is our driving force.

"I had no idea where to go or who to talk to about Medicare and what happened when I turned 65.  Daryl was able to help me clearly understand my options and guide me in the right direction."- G.D. Age: 64